Autonomous vehicle expert says 5G will make driverless cars safer


The general manager of the self-driving car company, Voyage, said in an episode of “Boundless” that aired Monday on Hill.TV that 5G technology will help make autonomous vehicles safer. 

“Right now, anything over a hundred milliseconds of latency is going to cause our car to disrupt. So anytime we can get lower latency, higher bandwidth … that’s where 5G comes in,” Dean Bushey, the general manager of Voyage, told Hill.TV. “5G promises one-millisecond latency.”

“Now we’ve solved the latency problem associated with getting commands, and video, back and forth between the car and the command station,” he continued. 

“Autonomous vehicles is helping to solve the safety problem. One, you get rid of the parking problem, that’s more of a recreational issue. Two, you get rid of the accidents,” he said. “The people walking out in front of cars, and cars not paying attention and having accidents that way, so the accident death rate goes way down.”

Bushey went on to say that autonomous cars will in turn cause mobility among humans to go up. 

“Mobility goes way up. So people have…the ability to go interact with other people, to do commerce, to commute, to get around. Those communities now become more vibrant, and alive,” he said. 

“Boundless” is a Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements.

— Julia Manchester

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