Real-world testing is critical to developing driverless technology, mobility expert says

Testing in a real-world setting is integral to the development of driverless technology, the American Center for Mobility's chief innovation officer said in an episode of "Boundless" that aired Monday on Hill.TV.

"[In] these real-world environments, once a vehicle or a user or a tester tests here, improves its technology here, it can then go out into the real world knowing that it is able to meet the safety requirements of the road,"Soraya Kim told Hill.TV.

She went on to detail how the American Center for Mobility has teamed up with carmakers to improve driverless technology.

"We're working with automakers, and tier-one suppliers right now, so that they are able to improve their technologies in their automated vehicles," she said. "They need to test in a place that has real-world environments, but in a safe and repeated one."

"That's why we've incorporated a highway speed loop that actually is a real highway," she said.

"Boundless" is a Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements.

— Julia Manchester