IBM exec says 'augmented reality' is heading 'outside of the box'

IBM executive Benjamin Brillat said in an episode of "Boundless" that aired Monday on Hill.TV that "augmented reality" can be found everywhere from television to phone applications such as Pokemon Go. 

"We see augmented reality in other ways than just sort of a game environment," Brillat, IBM chief technology architect for global sports and venue services, told Hill.TV. 

"We experience it on television, for example, where you will have maybe statistics about a player overlaid next to the player or you'll have footage from another game that is played nearby," Brillat continued. 

"But the ultimate goal of augmented reality is to be able to bring it outside of the box on your television, and into the real world, where you have a digital element that isn't really there with your real-world experience that is there," he said. 

"Boundless" is a multi-part Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements. 

— Julia Manchester