The founder and CEO of augmented reality company EchoAR told Hill.TV that 5G will dramatically improve the quality of interactive experiences. 

“5G will have a tremendous effect on augmented reality,” Alon Grinshpoon said during an episode of “Boundless” that aired Monday. 

“At EchoAR, when we’ve created software solutions for content creators and developers, we basically provide them with tools and network infrastructure,” Grinshpoon continued. “When 5G rolls out, that means we’ll be able to provide them with ways to stream more data faster and efficiently and engage more users at the same time.”

“‘Pokemon Go’ was a 4G experience. You were just seeing one small asset in the real world, but with 5G, you can stream a lot more data,” he added. “You get much more meaningful experiences.” 

“Boundless” is a multi-part Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements. 

— Julia Manchester

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