Pittsburgh mayor says cities need to be ‘inclusive’ to be considered 5G smart cities

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (D) said in an interview that aired on Hill.TV’s “Boundless” on Monday that the creation of smart cities using 5G technology involves inclusivity. 

“First part of smart is being inclusive, and understanding that if we’re only mining the data for some, that we’re creating a larger digital divide,” Peduto told The Hill’s Reid Wilson late last month. 

“The second is not allowing the different industries to silo or harvest the data simply for their own profits, but for the greater good,” he continued. 

“The third is to understand that it’s a system of systems. All of that information has a way to be able to be helpful in solving problems if you’re able to pull it together, and then be able to have some really creative people outside of government and inside of government looking at ways to utilize it,” he said. 

A smart city is an urban area that uses various types of electronic data to supply information, which can be used for management. 5G technology has played a role in the planning and development of such cities.

“Boundless” is a multi-part series focused on advancements in 5G.

— Julia Manchester

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