Tom Delay: Tight margin could give Dems even more of advantage in the House

Former Rep. Tom Delay (R-Texas) says a narrow majority could actually give Democrats even more of an advantage in the House, saying party members are more likely to stick together in such a scenario.

“Sometimes these closer margins create a team-like atmosphere because the members know that if they break the team or go their own way, they may lose the majority, so they’re more likely to work together with a tight margin,” Delay told Hill.TV co-hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on election night as Democrats appeared poised to retake the majority in the lower chamber.

Delay warned that a narrow margin among doesn’t necessarily mean that impeachment proceedings against President TrumpDonald TrumpSix big off-year elections you might be missing Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Banks for misgendering trans health official Meghan McCain to Trump: 'Thanks for the publicity' MORE are off the table.

But Delay said House Democrats would be able to move forward on impeaching Trump as long as they don’t overplay their hand.

“If the Democrats go too far and overreach like they did on [Brett] Kavanaugh, then it will come back to bite them but if they wait for impeachment based upon something that is really substantive that the president had done while he was president then they can impeach,” Delay told Hill.TV.

Ultimately, as the former congressman points out, impeachment will depend on support from the Senate, which is expected to remain in the possession of Republicans.

The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote from the Senate to convict and ultimately remove Trump from office.

– Tess Bonn