Comedian says taking away guns is not the solution to prevent shooting

Comedian Adam Carolla weighed in on the elections surrounding the midterms in an interview aired Tuesday, arguing that confiscating guns is not a solution for preventing shootings.

"I don't blame the guns. There's millions and millions of guns. I don't think we're going to unring that bell," Carolla, host of the Adam Carolla Show, told Hill.TV. "I'd like to talk about mental health issues."

Carolla's comments come as voters across the country flock to the polls on Election Day. 

Gun control has become a major issue in the year leading up to the midterms. 

The shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., spurred students and millennials to launch the "March for Our Lives" movement, which called for stricter gun control laws. 

Carolla, who identifies as a Libertarian, also said that he wants to work to protect the environment, but said he did not believe in shutting down non-renewable energy industries. 

"Why are they mutually exclusive? I don't get it. Like I want solar power. I want free power. My wife drives a Tesla, but also, I don't want to fire everyone in the fracking industry because we're going to build windmills," he said. "Let's do it all simultaneously." 

Carolla's interview was a part of Hill.TV's election special Pollywood, which covers the intersection of politics and pop culture. 

— Julia Manchester