Dr. Parsi: US needs diplomatic strategy along with Ukraine aid

Dr. Trita Parsi, a professor at Georgetown University and author of “Losing an Enemy,” joined Hill.tv on Tuesday to push for a United States aid strategy toward Ukraine that puts the country in a stronger position to negotiate with Russia.

The current U.S. approach to aid, which includes the announcement of $1 billion in additional lethal aid to Ukraine this week, is merely drawing out the conflict in Ukraine, Parsi argued.

“If you’re going to give this level of support then it has to be coupled with diplomatic strategy,” he said.

Parsi said a greater focus on promoting democracy, rather than an interventionist approach focused on firepower, would put Ukrainians in a better position to negotiate with Russia, which is how the war will come to an end.

“Create the circumstances that allow diplomacy to start and succeed,” Parsi said.

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