Former US interpreter accuses Afghanistan government of releasing Taliban prisoners

A former Afghan interpreter for U.S. forces is accusing the Afghanistan government of releasing Taliban prisoners “under the table.”

Saber Rock spoke with Hill TV’s “Rising” on Tuesday morning, where he was strongly critical of Kabul's handling of the war against the Taliban. He noted that the American government has spent billions in its war on terror, but suggested its Afghan partners have undermined some of that investment.

“The Afghanistan government, when they arrest Taliban, or Americans they arrest Taliban, the Afghanistan government in one week, in one day, in 24 hours, they are releasing them,” Rock said. 

Rock urged the U.S. to “stop supporting the fraud government of Afghanistan.”

He argued that the Afghan government has represented the interests of a small faction of the country’s people.

"We have 35 million people in Afghanistan, but the 35 million people want something else. The government wants something else," Rock said. "Afghanistan government always asking for peace, but the people of Afghanistan say 'we want to restore justice first, then peace.'"

The U.S. has maintained a military presence in Afghanistan since shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, making it the longest-running U.S. conflict in history.

President TrumpDonald John TrumpGraham: America must 'accept the pain that comes in standing up to China' Weld 'thrilled' more Republicans are challenging Trump New data challenges Trump's economic narrative MORE announced a new strategy last summer that included bolstering U.S. forces in Afghanistan by a few thousand people, bringing the U.S. troop presence to about 14,000.

Trump’s strategy also took away a timeline for withdrawal, saying it would be based on the conditions on the ground.

—Brett Samuels