Former Army pilot Amber Smith: ‘Each aircraft has its own personality’

Army veteran Amber Smith says you can tell a lot about a pilot based on what kind of aircraft they fly.

During Hill.TV’s “Buck in a Bar” series, Smith said each military aircraft has “its own personality.” She pointed to Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters as two prime examples.

“They’re definitely more of the surfer dudes – like relaxed and just going with the flow,” Smith said.

For those more interested in getting right in the middle of the action, the former fighter pilot recommended the Bell OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter.

“You have the Kiowa pilots who are kind of the cowboys. They like to go out there and get low and dirty with the guys on the ground,” Smith told Hill.TV.

Smith says she was one of only a few women to fly the Kiowa Warrior helicopter. Smith was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles.

She later rose to the Army's pilot in command and air mission commander.