Buck Sexton: I'm confident the Supreme Court will scrap affirmative action before Roe v. Wade

Hill.TV host Buck Sexton said Thursday that the Supreme Court could scrap affirmative action before overturning Roe v. Wade. 

"It's actually not the Trump administration that's going to bring this whole thing down," Sexton said to co-host Krystal Ball on Hill.TV's "Rising." 


"I'm actually much more confident that affirmative action is not going to be with us much longer than say Roe v. Wade," he continued. "It's going to be Asian-Americans who actually bring down affirmative action." 

Sexton's comments come after Trump administration officials announced they would move to eliminate Obama-era policies promoting the use of race in college admission considerations, citing Supreme Court rulings. The policy was aimed at helping diversify college campuses.

The administration's announcement comes as the Department of Justice investigates how race is used in determining Harvard University admissions. The probe is looking into whether Asian-Americans are illegally being held to a higher standard in the admissions process.

"What's remarkable here, actually, is that because Asian-Americans have performed so well — and by the way, white women vis-a-vis men — a lot of times it is actually white men at this point who are benefiting from affirmative action, compared to Asians and compared to white women," Ball said. 

— Julia Manchester