Krystal Ball: President Trump will ‘destroy’ the GOP

By Krystal Ball
Opinion Contributor

Facing backlash from his normally loyal lackeys, yesterday the president offered Republican leaders the tiniest shred of a sliver of a cover story.

To say it was a fig leaf would be a disservice to the comparatively full coverage this frond can provide.

It was laughable – and, in fact, I did laugh.

But republicans will grasp it and try to cover their exposed bits as if they have any shame left. Yes, this week has been revealing.

As I’ve watched this whole sad, predictable, and yet still horrifying spectacle unfold, one thing has become clear to me: One day, this president will actually destroy the Republican party.

Just  think about it –  those who wish the party ill could not possibly have planned a better scenario to reveal the fundamental rot, hypocrisy, and venality of republican party leadership.

Consider all that Trump has exposed.

Democrats have long said that Republicans don’t really care about fiscal prudence and sure enough, they’ve merrily added a trillion dollars to the national debt.

Democrats have long said that the Republican refrain of family values is hollow and hypocritical.

Two words: Stormy Daniels.

Democrats have long said that Republican leaders really only care about power and holding onto their political positions. As we watch them toady along behind this president, nothing could be more clear.

It’s  frequently said that this president has unified the whole of the Republican party behind him. – 90% support him. It’s a remarkable degree of loyalty.

But what exactly have they gotten behind? Speaking of the dire straits that the Virginia GOP is in, one strategist said: at some point, it stops being ‘never Trump,’ …and it starts being ‘never republican.'”

 That day will come. the events of this week hastened its arrival.

Krystal Ball is the co-host of “Rising,” Hill.TV’s morning news show.

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