Former Obama adviser: Ignoring Syria 'red line' was 'big mistake,' Trump progress 'commendable'

Former Obama national security adviser Jim Jones on Monday praised the Trump administration for its progress in Syria and criticized former President Obama for his lack of action in the region. 

“The Trump administration has had some success in defeating ISIS, which I think is commendable,” Jones told Hill.TV co-hosts Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball.

The retired veteran acknowledged that the Trump administration is dealing with more issues as the war grows deadlier and more complicated over time.

“The administration is facing a broader set of challenges in Syria with regard to the future, but I think they have to be given credit for at least reversing the ISIS presence,” Jones continued.

Jones said many of the current problems can be blamed on the Obama administration, calling his inaction “a very big mistake.”

President Obama ultimately chose not to order a military strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad after dozens of people were killed in an alleged chemical attack.

“I think the Syrian issue goes back unfortunately to the Obama administration with famous red-line non-action,” Jones said. “I think had we taken not taken that position, the whole landscape in that part of the world would have been changed.” 

This isn’t the first time Jones has criticized Obama for his decisions on Syria.

Last year, Jones told CNN's Jim Sciutto on "State of the Union” that Obama’s failure to follow up on his controversial red line statement was a “colossal mistake,” and said the in-action caused a “loss of confidence” in “a very important part of the world.”

Jones’ comments come after over 400 of Syria’s “White Helmet” rescue workers were evaluated from the region with the help of Israel and other Western powers, according to multiple reports.

— Tess Bonn