Victim of sexual harassment in housing unit: Property manager put me in 'impossible' position

Autumn Weaver told her story about being sexually harassed while living in public housing to Hill TV on Monday, saying the property manager at her unit had placed her in an "impossible" position.

Weaver's comments come as the Department of Justice (DOJ) unveiled a public service announcement on Monday, as part of their joint effort with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to combat sexual harassment in housing.

Weaver, who is featured in the PSA, told Hill TV's Krystal Ball on "Rising" that she spoke with her maintenance manager after receiving eviction notices from her public housing unit.

He then started asking her a series of sexual questions, according to Weaver.

"I kind of stepped back and was like, this cannot be happening to me," Weaver said, adding that the manager showed her pornography and exposed himself to her. 

She said she continued to get eviction and rent notices and contacted her property manager. 

"I had no choice, so I went to his office," Weaver said. "He was like 'well, I can make this disappear'. He was like 'why don't you come sit on my lap, and I was like 'no,' " Weaver said. 

"He was like 'I'll pay your bills. I'll get you a car, and I was like 'no, I'm OK,' and he was like 'well, I can pay for these charges ... but you have to do something for me,' " she continued. 

"I didn't want to lose my housing because of my children," she added. "He put me in an impossible [position]. He was like ... either you have sex with me or I put you out on Monday. So I was backed into a corner to have to do that." 
Sexual harassment in housing includes demands for sex or sexual acts in exchange for buying or renting a residence, as well as other unwelcome sexual conduct that makes it difficult to keep living in a home, according to DOJ.

DOJ has filed or settled 10 sexual harassment lawsuits in housing. 

— Julia Manchester