GOP senator: Ex-intel chiefs acting like ‘buttheads’ toward Trump

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) on Tuesday said he thinks that former intelligence officials James Clapper and John Brennan have acted like “buttheads,” but he won’t say if he thinks they should have their security clearances revoked.

“I haven’t determined yet whether you can or should revoke somebody’s security clearance for being a butthead. But that’s what they’ve acted like,” Kennedy said to Hill.TV on Tuesday.

“It’s not a crime, it’s only in bad taste. But Mr. Clapper and Mr. Brennan have both acted like political hacks,” Kennedy added, noting that based on his “cursory research,” the president has the authority to revoke their security clearance, “if he wants to do it, it’s up to him, he can do it.”

Kennedy says he would like to ask the former Obama-era officials, “Why didn’t they do more to stop Russia meddling in our elections?”

Asked if Congress should call them to testify on that matter, Kennedy said yes but noted, “I’d swear them in first.”

—Molly K. Hooper