Dem candidate makes case for Christians to vote for her party

Georgia lieutenant governor nominee Sarah Riggs Amico (D) said the Democratic Party does a better job than the GOP when it comes to representing her values as an evangelical Christian.

“I believe the values in the Democratic Party today best represent my faith,” Amico told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball on “Rising” in an interview that aired Wednesday. “As an evangelical Christian, I would say to other believers, I think it’s time for an honest assessment.”

“It is very difficult for me to want to be a part of a Republican Party right now that doesn’t take care of the least of these, that isn’t showing us how to be a good neighbor, that doesn’t treat the immigrant and the refugee well,” she said in the interview that was taped last week. “On the other hand, the Democratic Party has strong positions that align with both Scripture and my faith.”

Amico is still waiting to find out who the GOP lieutenant governor nominee is. As of Tuesday night, that race was too close to call.

“I have been a Republican in the past, I’ve been an independent, and I feel like coming to the Democratic Party was like coming home, and a lot of that was driven by my faith,” Amico said.

President Trump worked to appeal to evangelical Christians during his 2016 campaign. Since taking office, his administration has established an evangelical advisory board within the White House.

Amico warned against the impact Trump and the Republican Party will have on Christians. 

“I think we need to be careful,” she said. “The audio clearly does not match the video on values in the GOP today. This is not Ronald Reagan’s party who’s talking about a shining city on a hill, who’s showing mercy for immigrants who come here seeking for a better life for their family.”
“This is something that’s markedly departed from that, and I would say the country will recover,” she said, adding, “I worry the church will not recover quite as quickly. We’ll pay a price for this period in our history.”
— Julia Manchester

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