Full interview: Health-care policy expert Julie Carter talks about the future of Medicare and Medicaid

While Medicare and Medicaid have become programs on which many American seniors rely, the programs are facing issues as the U.S. population is aging and the use of prescription drugs has become more common.

In a Monday interview with "Rising," Julie Carter, a policy associate at the Medicare Rights Center, stated that many Americans who live in states that did not expand Medicaid, the federal government's program for low-income people, via the Affordable Care Act are actually using more services from Medicare, the federal program to provide health insurance to the elderly.

"If, for some reason, they can't afford coverage and they're not eligible for Medicaid, they come into Medicare and then they start using a lot of services right when they hit 65, because they have a lot of health problems a lot of the time" Carter said.

"They weren't able to have the treatment that they needed and so they hit Medicare and Medicare is paying for those people to have that backlog of issues dealt with."