Buck Wild: Trump's government shutdown is ‘not the terrifying dystopia’ that some media outlets make it out to be

By Buck Sexton
Opinion Contributor

The Government Shutdown! It sounds scary doesn’t it?

What would happen? Wouldn’t there be dogs and cats living together? Mass hysteria? How could we endure the notion of a government shutdown?

Oh wait… it kind of happens every weekend. It’s called Saturday and Sunday. A government shutdown is not the terrifying dystopia that many in the media are making it sound like. There’s a reason that there's all this fear mongering right now. And it’s that they want the next time to be the time that Republicans and Trump are willing to have this fight.

And you see, President TrumpDonald John TrumpChasten Buttigieg: 'I've been dealing with the likes of Rush Limbaugh my entire life' Lawmakers paint different pictures of Trump's 'opportunity zone' program We must not turn our heads from the effects of traumatic brain injuries MORE has said that on the issue of funding for a wall and changing laws with regard to immigration and the border, it’s time to finally throw down. He will shut down the government if there is not funding for the wall.

Now a lot of people are saying, “Not before the midterms. Don’t do it. It’s a bad idea. You’ll get blamed for it.” Here’s what I say. There won’t be another time if the president does not have the willingness to go to the mat on this issue now.

“Build the Wall” was a rallying cry for President Trump all throughout the campaign, and continues for his base to be a central promise of his administration. There is not going to be a better time, the only time is now. The president either means what he said, or he doesn’t. We’ll see if he’s willing to go all the way and the full distance on the issue of building the wall with a government shutdown.

The time is now my friends. We’ll see if President Trump can make it happen.

Buck Sexton is the co-host of "Rising," Hill.TV's morning news show.

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