Business group leader: GOP-led states are ‘friendlier’ to business

Job Creators Network (JCN) President Alfredo Ortiz said on Tuesday that states with Republican-led legislatures tend to be friendlier to small and large businesses. 

"The states that are probably generally perceived as better and friendlier to businesses both small and large are those that are controlled by Republican legislatures," Ortiz told Hill.TV's Buck Sexton on "Rising." 
Ortiz said states such as Texas and Georgia were some of the best for businesses, while other states such as California, New York, and Connecticut did not bode well for businesses. 
"These are some problem states from a tax standpoint," he said. 
JCN does not officially endorse political parties or candidates but supports lower tax and regulation policies, which are usually endorsed by Republicans. 
U.S. News and World Report rated states with GOP led-legislatures such as Florida, Utah, and Virginia as some of the best states for business. 
However, the publication also rated states with Democratic-led legislatures such as Nevada, Washington, and California as some of best states for business, citing venture capital and entrepreneurship. 

— Julia Manchester