Krystal Ball: Americans shouldn't pin their hopes 'on a silver N-word tape'

By Krystal Ball
Opinion Contributor

"I can't guarantee anything." with those four words, Sarah Huckabee Sanders unintentionally gave us the mantra of our time.

A time when facts are fuzzy and the surreal is so real, it does feel in fact like no one can guarantee anything.

What Sarah specifically could not guarantee in this particular instance was that her boss was never recorded saying the n-word.

Sarah danced around nervously fluttering on about how she never heard him say that word and the president had tweeted something already.

But when asked whether she could say for sure that the American people would never in any context hear that most despicable word exit the mouth of the leader of the free world, Sarah said she "can't guarantee anything."

Of course she can't.

Maybe there is an n-word tape, or a pee tape, or any other number of theoretical tapes of vile things said or done by a man who is known for doing such things and who is frequently mic'd up.

I think democrats keep believing that there will be some decisive thing that will happen that will break this terrible spell.

Shake us loose from the cycle of outrage and gas lighting and proto-fascism and return us to... Well return us to what exactly?

I mean the problem is, there is no silver bullet here to rid us of trump because trump didn't just happen.

No, years of erosion of our social fabric and institutional trust got us here and there is no tape which will set us free.

Don't pin your hopes on reality tv style plot twists or silver bullets.

The only answer is to do the work.

To organize, to vote, to return power to the people.

We didn't get here overnight and no new shocking revelation will restore our country overnight.

That I can guarantee you.

Krystal Ball is the co-host of "Rising," Hill.TV's morning news show.

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