Drone company exec: Pizza delivery is 'a little further out'

A drone company executive says that while drones won’t be delivering pizzas anytime soon, it could be a possibility down the line.

Jesse Stepler, the chief strategy officer for the D.C.-based drone and aerial intelligence company Measure, told Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on Hill.TV’s “Rising” that “everybody wants pizza delivery by drone.”

“I’ll tell you, that’s a little further out,” he said. Stepler spoke to Hill.TV for a segment about new jobs in unmanned aircraft for the series "The New Workforce." 

He told Hill.TV that the industry is focusing the next few years on issues like helping first responders with search and rescue operations, clearing rooms before officials such as police officers enter them and increasing efficiency on work sites.

Stepler said some drone companies are doing “really exciting things” in terms of package transportation.

“One of the more exciting things I’ve seen from companies is doing things like plasma delivery via drone to very difficult-to-reach locations,” he said. “That’s being done more often than not abroad, in the U.S. obviously there are a lot of regulatory concerns.”

“But the technology offers a lot of really exciting potential for life saving as well as value creation,” he added.

— Jacqueline Thomsen