Coulter: Trump is now 'governing a little bit more like a standard Republican president'

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter said in an interview that aired on Hill.TV's "Rising" on Monday that President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump suggests Sotomayor, Ginsburg should have to recuse themselves on 'Trump related' cases Sanders says idea he can't work with Republicans is 'total nonsense' Sanders releases list of how to pay for his proposals MORE is now governing more like a typical Republican president. 

"He's governing a little bit more like a standard Republican president," Coulter told Hill.TV's Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball. 

Coulter, who has supported Trump in the past, has also criticized him and his administration for not acting on certain campaign promises, including Trump's goal of building a wall along the U.S.–Mexico border. Coulter also slammed the president's work on negotiating immigration legislation last week, saying she has "never seen such a bad dealmaker."

"On the policy side, you have some disappointments with this president so far, and by the way it should be pointed out that he essentially took the arguments you made in 'Adios America,' and ran with those in order to get ahead of what was it, 17 or 16 other candidates? … But you feel like he hasn't come through on some things," Sexton said.

However, the commentator said she would still have supported the president in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, and praised him for his rhetoric toward the news media.

"Yeah, I'm still hoping he will," Coulter said in response.

"I would still write 'In Trump We Trust.' I would still support him to the hills. The option was someone at least promising to do the things we wanted versus 17 or 16 [GOP presidential candidates] whatever it was, promising not to, promising to govern the way he is now governing," she continued. 

"On the other hand, I love the tweets. I love the attacks on the media. We wouldn't be getting that from [GOP presidential candidate] Jeb [Bush]," she said. 

— Julia Manchester