Alyssa Milano: News media continues to normalize Trump

Actress Alyssa Milano in an interview that aired Thursday on “Rising” said the news media has normalized President Trump throughout his campaign and the first half of his presidency instead of pointing out events she calls “crazy.”

“The media actually normalized some of what he did, and continues to normalize it instead of going ‘Can you believe how crazy this is? This guy wants to do this,’ ” Milano, a frequent critic of Trump, said to Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton on Tuesday.

Sexton noted that some in the media would probably say they have tried to “raise as many alarms as they can.”

“I would wonder if you were to have this conversation with any number of White House correspondents or major news anchors, other than at one channel that I’m sure you could guess, you would probably have a lot of folks saying they’re doing everything that they can to raise as many alarms as they can,” Sexton said.

Milano pushed back on that assertion, saying she does not think the media has done “enough.”

“I don’t think it’s enough, and I don’t think it was enough when he was campaigning,” Milano replied. “I think that we coddled this idea of a man who has been a self-proclaimed pussy grabber.

“During this time, instead of calling it what it was, which was total and crazy bullshit that this guy would actually be allowed to be the leader of the greatest country on the planet, the most powerful country on the planet, the fact that instead of news media going ‘This is just crazy,’ they reported it like it was normal, so it completely normalized the entire thing. We looked at it like ‘This is entertaining. This is getting us ratings.’”

Trump has maintained a contentious relationship with many outlets, frequently slamming CNN and The New York Times for what he says is unfair coverage of him and his administration.

The president stepped up his attacks on CNN on Wednesday, saying the network “is being torn apart from within based on their being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake” over a story on the 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

CNN fired back in a statement, saying the network does not lie.

— Julia Manchester

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