Dem strategist: NYT op-ed from anonymous official is 'self-serving'

Democratic strategist Bishop Garrison on Friday called the anonymous New York Times op-ed that blasts President TrumpDonald John TrumpLondon terror suspect’s children told authorities he complained about Trump: inquiry The Memo: Tide turns on Kavanaugh Trump to nominate retiring lawmaker as head of trade agency MORE, "self-serving," saying the unnamed author should have raised their concerns through other processes. 

"I disagree with the way the individual, the anonymous person, actually handled this situation," Garrison, interim president at the Truman Project, told Hill.TV's Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on "Rising."  

"I think if you believe there is a true life issue with the president of the United States, as you've mentioned, we have processes in place. We have laws. We have whistleblower laws that allow you to come forth and put forth those issues that you believe are going to threaten national security and our way of life," he continued. 

"That person should absolutely do that, but because of the way they did it, they put out this self-serving document in a newspaper that the president has vehemently hated ever since he's joined Twitter basically," he said."They've taken the eye off of what the content is, and what they were saying, and refocused it on the process, and made this more of a circus than it needs to be." 
"His own aides are running a mutiny, and are going rogue, and are undermining his work," Swalwell told CNN this week. "That is wrong. Those people should come forward and present themselves," he said, adding that the unnamed official should not have written the op-ed. 
The op-ed's author wrote that while officials within the White House “want the administration to succeed," they have had to work against parts of the president's agenda, as well as his "misguided impulses."
Trump has slammed the piece, calling for the Times to turn the author over to the government for national security purposes. 

— Julia Manchester