Omarosa: Trump is ‘mentally impaired’

Omarosa Manigault Newman on Friday said she thinks that President Trump is “not well,” saying there needs to be some test to analyze whether he’s mentally fit to remain in the Oval Office.

“He is mentally impaired — I am not a psychologist,” the former White House aide told Hill.TV co-hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

“I’ve only known him for 15 years and I can only compare to sitting across from him for hours and hours at a time in the boardroom, ‘The Apprentice’ or in Cabinet meetings with him or sitting in the Oval Office or Air Force One, that’s my only assessment I have and I can tell you that he is not well,” she continued.

The former White House aide added that “there needs to be some way to analyze whether or not he is fit to be president of the United States.”

Manigault Newman has a long and complicated history with the president.

The former reality star was fired three times by Trump in appearances on “The Apprentice.”

She claimed to quit her position at the White House in December before it was revealed that she was fired by chief of staff John Kelly.

She later wrote an explosive book about her time in the White House, titled “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.”

Manigault Newman argued that Trump is doing more than just breaking decorum and normal standards of being president — she said he’s “absolutely unhinged.”

Recalling her time at the White House as the director Of African-American outreach, Manigault Newman says she has often witnessed Trump’s troubling behavior first hand.

“There were times when Donald Trump would say something just so insane and we would look at each other and kind of have a silent nod like let’s just agree in the room, but none of us are going to implement what this man just said,” she told Hill.TV.

Manigault Newman contends this is why Trump needs his senior aides more than ever. 

The former aide thinks many of them serve as the “guard rails” against Trump’s most “dangerous impulses.”

She also acknowledged that she thinks some of Trump’s policies have been a success but said they’re coming at the expense of the American people. 

“You can look at some successes in the economy, but when you see the deterioration of the fabric of our Democracy then that becomes very, very harmful in the long run.”

— Tess Bonn

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