Jordan says FBI used ‘crushing power of the state’ to probe Trump campaign based on dossier

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) said in an interview that aired Monday on “Rising” that the FBI used the “crushing power of the state” to investigate the Trump campaign over the dossier compiled by opposition research firm Fusion GPS. 

“The more you dig in here, you see that it looks like the crushing power of the state was used initially to take this dossier, dress it all up, take it to the secret court to get a warrant to spy on the other party’s campaign,” Jordan told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton. 

“The idea that the state, the FBI, would use that to start this whole investigation is as wrong as it gets,” he added. 

“And then we learn when they did this whole investigation, they never found any evidence of any type of coordination. That’s what it appears and again, it just underscores how wrong this was,” he said. 

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson hired former British spy Christopher Steele to assist in putting together the controversial dossier that made a series of salacious allegations about Trump’s ties to Russia. 

The dossier was partially funded by Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. 

Republican on the House Intelligence Committee released a memo in February, claiming the Justice Department abused government surveillance powers when it surveiled Trump campaign aide Carter Page in 2016. 

The memo also claimed that the surveillance warrant for Page was based on the dossier.


— Julia Manchester

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