Trump: My health and stability will help GOP beat Democrats’ conflicting messages this November

President Donald TrumpDonald TrumpRealClearPolitics reporter says Freedom Caucus shows how much GOP changed under Trump Jake Ellzey defeats Trump-backed candidate in Texas House runoff DOJ declines to back Mo Brooks's defense against Swalwell's Capitol riot lawsuit MORE said in an exclusive interview with Hill.TV that he is confident about Republicans' chances in November.

Trump's optimism comes despite many analysts, including some Republicans, projecting Democratic victories in the midterms.

The president told Hill.TV's John Solomon and Buck Sexton that the economy would be a driving factor for Republicans candidates.

"We probably have the greatest economy in history," he said.

"I think we’re going to do much better than anyone thinks because the economy is so good, and people do like the job I’m doing," he continued.

Trump also said his personal health and management style were reasons that Republicans might do better than expected.

"You know, I took that test when I got my last physical, and the doctor said that’s one of the highest scores we’ve ever seen," Trump said. "I did that not because I wanted but I did it, I was always good at testing."

He continued: "But if there’s anything great about me it’s stability, and I’m a good manager. Always been a good manager, but you know, I have a vision," he said as he recounted his improbable victory over a large Republican presidential primary field in 2016 that featured 17 candidates.

According to Trump, political observers oftentimes forget to count former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore as a Republican candidate, bringing the total up to 18.

"It was actually 18, including Gilmore, just so you know. People say 17 but it was actually 18, you know he was the Governor of Virginia, so it was 18," the president said.

Trump also said that his political opponents' conflicting strategies make it harder to oppose him.

"They've tried so many narratives with me," the president said.

He returned to the theme later in the interview.

"The narrative, the different narratives, they’ve tried all different narratives. They’ve tried that, they tried, ‘he’s a dictator, he’s a fascist,'" he said. "One of them did, one of them did, ‘he’s losing it,’ and the next week they went into, ‘He’s the most brilliant mind. He’s taking over the country. He’s a fascist, he’s a dictator, and he’s gonna make the 8 years into life.’ OK."

"Last week, I was incompetent and now, I’m, you know, taking over the world. OK? It’s incredible. It’s sick," Trump said.

—Matthew Sheffield