Buck Sexton calls on Kavanaugh to 'stand up and fight'

By Buck Sexton
Opinion Contributor

It’s uglier than ever here in the swamp this week.

Liberals have taken the panic dial to 11.

The are storming the halls of the Senate.

They’re menacing Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzPompeo to speak to influential Iowa GOP group Top National Security Council aide moved to Energy Department role Ted Cruz takes aim at Alabama vasectomy bill: 'Yikes' MORE with an angry mob while he has dinner with his wife – all because a highly qualified D.C. circuit court judge, Brett Kavanaugh, is on the brink of becoming a Supreme Court justice.

Liberals should understand the full consequences of what they are doing.

This is all in, stop-at-nothing opposition to Kavanaugh is a declaration of political total war.

If they stop his nomination with uncorroborated allegations – with zero evidence – and all timed for maximum political impact, the GOP faithful will realize that the gloves are off.

Forget about the polarization under Obama, Bush, or even because of Trump.

The coordinated, despicable campaign to destroy a good man like Kavanaugh will have ramifications for years, maybe even decades to come.

Good conservatives will shy away from public life. Honorable, decent people will know that – if you cross the progressive left, it doesn’t matter who you are. You can be destroyed.

You see this in the bad faith surrounding this conversation, saying you don’t believe a man is guilty of something doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem with the crime he is accused of.

People are approaching this with vengeance. They’re being irrational.

And that’s why there is only one thing for Kavanaugh to do – fight back with the truth. Tell your story, tell the America people you are completely innocent, give all the facts you can to back up your account under oath.

But judge Kavanaugh, you must stand up and fight. Tell the truth.

It’s not just your honor at stake. If this character assassination is successful, the honor of our whole country will be damaged as well.

We care about the truth, and the presumption of innocence, or we don’t.

Judge Kavanaugh’s public trial is putting that to the test.

Buck Sexton is the co-host of "Rising," Hill.TV's morning news show.

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