Buck Sexton says Kavanaugh’s confirmation means ‘liberty won’

By Buck Sexton
Opinion Contributor

Ok, everybody, let’s get one thing straight: Kavanaugh is not “too partisan.”

He’s not too angry, he’s not spouting right-wing conspiracy theories.

Now that Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh is on the highest court in the land, liberals need to stop with these lame, weak sauce attempts to undermine him before he’s even heard a single case.

Among all the internet hot takes out there, the “keg party Kavanaugh got too mad” line is among the most ridicules.

Justice Kavanaugh – has a nice ring, doesn’t it – responded the way any normal, red-blooded American man would under the same circumstances.

He was accused of the most heinous and outrageous crimes by left-wing Senate hacks and a complicit Democrat media apparatus – and zero evidence presented, none.

Trump did the right thing at the White House swearing-in ceremony by calling Justice Kavanaugh innocent of the charges.

Kavanaugh survived the most disgraceful coordinated smear campaign imaginable, and darn it, he deserves his reputation back.

But you see, what’s really going on here is liberal panic.

The progressive project to transform America and undermine the Constitution has relied on the Supreme Court as a kind of “super-legislature” for decades.

What’s the future of this country without activist judges helping out the left?

It would be better for individual rights, constitutionalism and limited government, which is why, of course, the left is so outraged. Their judicial victories from the past are in question, their planned future victories are now in doubt.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation was a proxy battle between liberty and statism.

Liberty won, this time and it will be better positioned going forward.

And so it’s fitting that we call him “justice,” because that is exactly what his confirmation has accomplished.

Buck Sexton is the co-host of “Rising,” Hill.TV’s morning news show.

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