Trump supporters 'prepared to forgive all of his sins,' says former Boston Globe editor

President TrumpDonald John TrumpLawmakers release defense bill with parental leave-for-Space-Force deal House Democrats expected to unveil articles of impeachment Tuesday Houston police chief excoriates McConnell, Cornyn and Cruz on gun violence MORE's supporters are so devoted to him that they are prepared to forgive all of his sins, former Boston Globe editor Ben Bradlee Jr. said in an interview that aired Tuesday on Hill.TV's "Rising."

"They just like him and are prepared to forgive almost all of his sins," Bradlee Jr., who is the son of late Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee, told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball earlier this month when asked about Trump's comments degrading women in the leaked "Access Hollywood" tape.

"Remember his famous line in the campaign about how he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, and still keep their votes. That's these folks. He can do no wrong," Bradlee Jr. continued. "They may disagree with him on some issues, but they love his style. They love how he gets up every morning, and sticks it to the press, and sticks it to his enemies, and how confrontational he is. They feel that he's standing up for his ideals."

Asked about Trump not following through on some of his campaign promises, Bradlee Jr. said his supporters point to congressional Democrats blocking his agenda. 

"They chalk up most of his failures to follow through on his promises to Democratic obstructionism, and say that he's doing his best," Bradlee Jr. said.

"They point to some successes like getting [Justice] Neil Gorsuch through, and [Justice Brett] Kavanaugh on the cusp, and bringing North Korea to the table. They like that he's cut through red tape and the tax cut," he continued. 

Bradlee Jr. added that there are various campaign promises Trump has not fulfilled, including winding down U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, cutting the deficit and funding Medicare and Medicaid. 

"That doesn't really translate to support for the white, working class, which is Trump's base, but they love him anyway," he said. 

— Julia Manchester