GOP congressman says ‘jobs or mobs’ message beginning to resonate with voters

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) says GOP House leaders put their members in a tough spot by failing to deliver on promises like a border wall, but that Republicans are gaining late traction by casting the election as a choice between job creation or angry mobs.
“I like the catch phrase ‘jobs or mobs,'” the first-term congressman told Hill.TV’s Friday edition of “Rising.” “We either are going to get more jobs or you gonna get mobs. The Democrats are their own worst enemy at this time because they don’t have a policy for anything so they are just attacking.”
Biggs, whose reelection race is not considered competitive by election handicappers, said the argument is gaining traction after Republicans, who long trailed in the polls, got a surprise lift from conservative voter backlash after the Supreme Court battle over Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
But he added GOP voters still have disappointment with unfulfilled promises by the GOP.

“Trust and integrity are big issues in this particular race, particularly in the congressional races,” he said.

“The Republicans have not fulfilled their promises to the base of the Republican Party and to the independents and Democrats who walked over and voted for President Trump. I’m specifically talking about the failure to do a complete repeal of Obamacare and also the failure to build a border wall. Those two things were integral to Donald Trump winning the nomination first and then winning the presidency. It resonated with people,” he added. 

With the midterm elections only weeks away, Biggs said he hopes Republican leadership will “put the pedal to the metal on these issues.”  

The Arizona congressman said the GOP needs to make their messages to the voters clear, “We’re going to finish and run through the tape on this Trump agenda and in order to do so we need, we need the Republicans for two more years.”

— Alison Spann

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