Journalist covering caravan says majority of migrants will end up in Mexico

Journalist Ioan Grillo said Tuesday that most of the migrants in the caravan from Central America heading toward the U.S. will end their trek in Mexico.

“I think the majority are going to end up staying in Mexico,” Grillo, who is covering the caravan for Time, told Hill.TV co-hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

“I think the pace might break when they get to Mexico City, some of the bigger cities there,” he said, adding that they might feel a sense of relief in those areas.

“Mexico is not an ideal situation,” he continued. “There’s violence here, there are economic problems here. But compared to Honduras right now, it seems good for these people.” 

Thousands of migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, recently entered Mexico as they move toward the U.S. in hopes of seeking asylum from violence in their countries. At their current pace, arrival at the U.S. border is still about two months away.

President Trump has ramped up his criticism of the three Central American countries, saying there are “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” in the caravan. The administration has not provided details to substantiate that assertion.

Grillo said he spoke with one of the caravan’s organizers, who wasn’t optimistic about prospects for gaining entry into the U.S.

“One of the organizers said it’s probably not a good time to apply for refugee status in the United States,” he said.

— Julia Manchester

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