Trump has made White House journalists ‘household names,’ says Dem columnist


President Trump has made journalists such as Jim Acosta household names due to White House press briefings, Democratic columnist Jonathan Harris said Monday.

“Did you ever know the names of the people in those press rooms until the Trump administration started calling them out by name? Of course you didn’t, because he started doing it,” Harris told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on “Rising.”

“Once he started attacking these people by name, that’s why these people’s names are household names now,” Harris said.

His comments came after CNN reported on Sunday that the White House was threatening to pull the press credentials of the cable channel’s White House correspondent after a court-ordered temporary restoration expires at the end of the month.

CNN said in a statement that the move would threaten “all journalists and news organizations.”

A federal judge ruled Friday that the White House had to reinstate Acosta’s press pass after it was revoked the previous week following a testy exchange between Acosta and the president during a televised news conference at the White House.

Other news organizations, including Fox News, have publicly backed CNN in its lawsuit against the administration.

— Julia Manchester

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