Paris protests are taking a toll on tourism, says correspondent

The Daily Beast's Paris correspondent, Erin Zaleski, said on Monday that recent protests in the French capital are beginning to take a toll on tourism in the city. 

"This is occurring during the critical holiday period in Paris," Zaleski told Hill.TV's Buck Sexton and Jamal Simmons on "Rising." "Normally it's very big on tourism." 

"International tourists come to Paris during this time, and also tourists from within France come. They come to see the displays. They come to do their shopping," she continued. 

"These images of violence, especially in the center of the city have really frightened people, and it's having a negative impact on tourism," she said. 

The protests, which have taken place on Saturdays, are over rising taxes and high living costs. 

The Associated Press reported on Saturday that at least 110 people were injured as a result of the demonstrations.

The city's famous Arc de Triomphe was also vandalized during the protests. 

Authorities had to use tear gas and water cannons to break apart crowds in the protests over the weekend. 

Reuters reported on Sunday that French President Emmanuel Macron and other government officials had floated potentially declaring a state of emergency. 

"We saw this following the terrorist attacks in 2015. That basically gives the police and security forces heightened powers," Zaleski said, referring to a state of emergency. 

— Julia Manchester