Chicago alderman candidate says election fraud allegations show ‘perversion of democracy’

An alderman candidate in Chicago said Tuesday that election fraud allegations in his ward are indicative of widespread problems in the city.

“This is a huge perversion of democracy,” David Krupa, a 19-year-old freshman at DePaul University, told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

“Michael Madigan, our state speaker, has been doing this for a long time in my ward, and we think it’s really unfair, and not just unfair, but undemocratic,” said Krupa, who is running in the city’s 13th ward.

Krupa alleges that allies of his opponent, Alderman Marty Quinn, are engaging in election fraud to get him off of the ballot.

Krupa has collected 1,703 signatures, surpassing the 473 needed to run for alderman. He claims that before he turned in the signatures, Quinn’s supporters submitted affidavits from 2,796 people saying they want to take back their signatures supporting Krupa.

Quinn addressed the allegations on “Chicago Tonight,” suggesting that Krupa was being disingenuous.

“I guess the better question is: a self-described, ‘day-one Trump supporter’ gets 1,700 signatures in the 13th Ward, without being disingenuous? That’s the question that comes to my mind,” Quinn said.

Krupa told Sexton that he is willing to take the case to the federal level. 

“If the Chicago Board of Elections and the Board of Commissioners doesn’t want to handle this the right way, then we will take it to the state’s attorney, Kim Fox. If she doesn’t want to handle it the right way, we’ll take it to the Illinois attorney general,” Krupa said.

“Madigan has a really good control over the courts in Illinois, so if it goes past Lisa Madigan, our attorney general, we can’t take it to the courts there. We will have to go to the federal court,” he added.

Voter fraud allegations have been in the news recently after multiple voters came forward in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District with sworn statements saying their absentee ballots were hand-collected by canvassers, which is prohibited in the state. 

— Julia Manchester

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