Ex-Sanders surrogate says Democratic Party have problems with consultant class

Nomiki Konst, a former surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) presidential campaign, said Friday that the Democratic Party's consultant class has been given too much power, which has resulted in a conflict of interest within the party. 

"The Democratic Party's problem is not that it doesn't want fair elections," Konst, who sat on the Democratic National Committee's Unity Reform Commission, told Hill.TV's Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on "Rising." 

"I think the majority of real Democrats, working Democrats, members of the Democratic Party, activists and organizers, want a fair election process," she continued. "It is the consultant class who I believe really have a conflict of interest." 

"When they are voting members of the party, they should not be part of the rulemaking of the party because they're the ones contracted with these billion dollar campaigns," she said. 

Many Sanders supporters have maintained that without superdelegates, the progressive senator would have won the 2016 presidential nomination. 

Hillary Clinton won 544.5 superdelegates in the 2016 primary, while Sanders received 44.5.

The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee in July approved a plan to limit the power of superdelegates in picking future presidential nominees. 

Konst, who is running for New York City Public Advocate, praised the reforms but said there is still a movement to discredit Sanders. 

"I still think that tricks are happening. I still think that there's a coordinated effort by professionals to damage Bernie Sanders," she said. 

— Julia Manchester