Pro-life advocate says she wouldn’t be accepted at Women’s March

Pro-life advocate Kassy Dillon on Friday said she would not be welcome at the Women’s March because of her views on reproductive rights. 

“I don’t think they actually would openly say ‘yes, we love pro-life women’ because one of their fundamental frameworks are that [they] want reproductive health rights,” Dillon, the founder of the Lone Conservative, an online platform for young conservatives, told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton and Jamal Simmons on “Rising.” 

“So I don’t really think that they would endorse maybe me being pro-life,” she said. 

Dillon’s comments come as Washington, D.C., prepares for the March for Life on Friday and the Women’s March on Saturday. 

The Women’s March chief operating officer, Rachel Carmona, told Hill.TV in a separate interview on Friday that the organization would welcome anyone marching for women’s rights. 

“Folks who want to march for the rights of women are welcome to the march,” Carmona said. “We are a pro-choice organization, but when folks believe that when women have the right to choose to what they do with their bodies, including not getting an abortion, then they’re welcome.”

Women’s March co-founder Bob Bland also said Monday on ABC’s “The View” that the movement was open to all women, including pro-life women.  

“We welcome pro-life women. We welcome conservative women to the Women’s March. The Women’s March is open to all,” Bland said. 

— Julia Manchester

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