Maid-turned-author says US welfare system is 'broken'

Maid-turned-author Stephanie Land lamented the state of the U.S. welfare system in an interview that aired Monday on "Rising," calling it "broken." 

"It's not a system of trust, or really, I don't think it's a system that works. I think it's a very broken system that keeps you falling behind constantly instead of really lifting you up and out of the position that you're in," Land, author of "Maid," told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball late last month. 

"I was constantly having to prove not only did I not have any money or resources but that I was working," she continued. "It's degrading. It's degrading to constantly have to prove that." 

Land's book "Maid" details her time working in multiple domestic labor jobs while juggling being a single mother and taking online college courses. 

She went on to say that the minimum wage must be raised in order for low-income families to make ends meet. 

"I would want people to know that $15 an hour isn't enough and that's what we're fighting for," she said. "A single mom with just one child needs to make I think $30 an hour to make ends meet or to make up for the resources that she would normally receive from safety net programs at $10 an hour," she said. 

— Julia Manchester