Catholic news editor says Vatican summit shows global effort to combat sexual abuse in churches

Catholic news editor John Allen Jr. told Hill.TV on Thursday that a Vatican summit will show the church is mounting a global response to the issue of sexual abuse within its ranks. 

"There are large stretches of the Catholic world, really a majority of the Catholic world, where the sex abuse crisis as we know it, has never happened," Allen Jr., the president of Crux Catholic Media Inc., told hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on "Rising." 

"What this summit is going to do is make it clear that the era of writing this off as an American problem or a western problem is over, that the Catholic church wants to mount a global response, and that's certainly is all to the good," he continued. 

Sexual abuse scandals have come to light in the Catholic Church in the United States, Chile, Australia, Ireland and elsewhere. 

Roughly 200 church leaders have gathered in Rome to discuss the church's ongoing problem with sexual abuse, and inform bishops about how they can prevent it from happening in their dioceses. 
The summit comes one day after the church defrocked ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick after an investigation found him guilty of sexually abusing minors and adult seminarians over a decades-long period. 

"Whether it is a tipping point in terms of what survivors, and critics, and reformers will tell you needs to be done, that is strong accountability, not just for the crime, but for the cover-up," "I think that remains to be seen," Allen Jr. said. 

— Julia Manchester