Black Guns Matter leader on conservative support for arming urban communities: ‘Talk is cheap’

Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure said on Friday that conservatives have not lived up to their vocalized support for arming residents in urban communities, specifically African-Americans.

“I think they, on one level, they say they do,” Toure told hosts Krystal Ball and Mattie Duppler on “Rising” when asked whether conservatives are comfortable with black Americans arming themselves in urban areas for protection.

“But my pushback to the conservative room is, talk is cheap,” he added. 

Toure went on to say that the political left has done a better job of reaching out to urban communities and promoting their own political narrative. 

“[Conservatives have] said these things, but you’ve also allowed the left, for a very long time, to define your narrative,” he continued. “If you’re saying ‘we’re not racist, they’re painting us this way,’ OK, what have you actually done to get behind organizations that are doing the work in urban America?” 

“The left has done a much better job of PR, of convincing urban America that you’re racist, so they don’t trust you. If they don’t trust you, and you need a liaison, and you’re not finding liaisons that are trustworthy, that have done what they said they’re going to do for urban America, then you’re just saying the same things, and then saying ‘no, we’re not, no, we’re not,’ ” he said. 

Black Guns Matter is a pro-gun advocacy organization dedicated to informing urban communities and minorities about the Second Amendment. 

While mass shootings have made headlines in recent years, U.S. cities like Chicago deal with gun violence on a daily basis. 

Thursday marked a victory for gun control activists after the House approved legislation that would extend the review period for background checks on firearm purchases. The legislation stands little chance in the GOP-controlled Senate.

— Julia Manchester 

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