Court-packing advocate says corporate interests weigh too heavily in Supreme Court decisions

Court-packing advocate Kate Kendell told Hill.TV's "Rising" on Thursday that corporate interests weigh too heavily in the decisions of Supreme Court justices and called for more seats on the high court. 

"I became a lawyer because the Supreme Court vindicated wrongs, and set to right damages that had been done to individuals in this country," Kendell, campaign manager of the left-leaning group Pack the Courts, told hosts Krystal Ball and Shermichael Singleton. 

"Yes, they didn't get it right all the time. I mean we have multiple numbers of decisions during Japanese internment and during Jim Crow where the court got it wrong," she continued.

"But generally, the court was seen as striving to get it right and to try to have liberty and justice for all be their animating ideal. That is no longer the case. The animating ideal is how much money you put in the pocket of corporate interests," she said. "That is not the democracy we love." 

Pack the Courts is calling for expanding the number of seats on the Supreme Court and lower federal courts to allow the appointment of more liberal judges and justices during the Trump administration. 

A growing number of Democrats, including 2020 hopefuls, have warmed to the idea of allowing more seats on the high court. 

Pack the Courts has raised $500,000 and intends to spend $2 million in the run-up to the 2020 presidential campaign. 

— Julia Manchester