Veteran says writing novel helped transition from military to civilian life

Lt. Col. David Richardson (Ret.) told Hill.TV’s “Rising” on Friday that his new novel, based off his experiences in Iraq, allowed him to emotionally transition away from his service in the Marine Corps.

“Folks ask me all the time, ‘Do you miss the Marine Corps?’ And I essentially say, ‘No, I put it all in the book,'” Richardson told host Jamal Simmons.

“I don’t have any ill effects from the war,” he added. “In fact, some folks ask me if I ever have dreams about the war, and I say, ‘Yeah, I usually do, and I wake up a little happier.'”

Richardson’s book, “War Story,” draws on his experience working with the Iraqi defense forces.

“I’m proud of what I did, but it was cathartic in that it gave me a transition out of the Marine Corps,” he said of the writing experience. “I was far more afraid of letting the Marine Corps down in combat than I was of being killed.”

— Julia Manchester

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