Tax expert calls for more IRS enforcement funding

Tax policy expert Alexandra Thorton called for more funding for IRS enforcement in an interview on Hill.TV's "Rising" on Tax Day. 

“I'll tell you one other thing: What we need to do is increase funding for the IRS enforcement," Thornton, the senior director of tax policy at the left-leaning Center for American Progress, told hosts Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton. 

“Today, we have the same number of auditors as we did back in the 1950s when our economy was a fraction of the size," she continued. “You really need auditors in order to enforce the tax laws at the top.

“People at the low end, they’re called correspondence audits. They send out a letter, the person gets it, they pay up," she said. “But at the top end, it’s complicated, as you point out, and it’s really important to have those auditors to ensure that people at the top end are paying their fair share."

Republicans and Democrats in the House passed bipartisan legislation last week aimed at modernizing the IRS. 

The legislation aims to improve areas such as taxpayer services, taxpayer rights during the enforcement process, identity theft protection, information technology and electronic systems.

— Julia Manchester