DJ Carnage wants to use platform to raise awareness around immigration issues


DJ and producer Diamanté Anthony Blackmon, better known by his stage name “Carnage,” says he has a personal responsibility to use his platform to help raise awareness around a recent surge of migrants families at the U.S. southern border.

“There’s an immigration crisis right now and that’s like the main thing on my mind right now,” Carnage said.

“I have a massive platform, I have to say something … especially right now,” he added.

He also called on other musicians and artists to speak out and raise awareness about the issue, saying that they should support organizations like Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services.

“All we can do is tell other artists and other people with platforms to keep spreading this and supporting organizations like RAICES, which I’m an ambassador for,” he said referring to one of the largest nonprofit legal service providers for immigrants in Texas.

Border patrol agents have struggled to process the flood of migrants at the border. A majority of them are asylum-seekers from Central America’s Northern Triangle, which includes Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

In March, Trump’s border patrol chief Kevin McAleenan said resources were being stretched too thin and warned that the agency was heading towards a “breaking point.”

The growing number of migrants has been also compounded by the backlog of immigration court cases, which topped over 800,000 last year.

For Carnage, the issue spoke to him on a personal level.

The DJ said his grandparents fled to the U.S. from Nicagaura in the late 1970s, searching for a better life.

“My grandparents were hard-working individuals and they wanted to come out here and make it better for their family,” he told Hill.TV.

Carnage is currently on tour promoting his new single “Letting People Go,” which chronicles one migrant family’s journey to the U.S. after fleeing Nicagaura. A portion of the proceeds from the song will be donated to the RAICES foundation to help migrant families.

— Tess Bonn

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