DJ Carnage says mental health has been stigmatized in music industry

DJ Carnage told Hill.TV during an appearance on Tuesday that mental health has been stigmatized in the music industry, saying many artists are afraid to talk about the issue.

“Do you think that people are afraid to talk about these issues mental issues — mental health, depression, drug abuse in the music industry?” asked correspondent Alexandra Oliveira.

“100 percent,” said Carnage, whose real name is Diamanté Anthony Blackmon.

“All of this stuff has been in the industry for decades and decades,” he continued.

Carnage said mental issues are prevalent among artists, especially among DJs who often face grueling schedules.

“DJs aren’t like normal artists, we’re not just traveling somewhere and then we’re there for a day or two … we’re in there and out,” he said, adding that many in the industry end up “breaking” due to the constant travel and pressure.

Carnage hasn’t been afraid to publicly address his own mental health issues.

In November, the 28-year-old announced that he was taking a brief hiatus from touring to focus on his own mental and physical health.

"My therapist & doctor are recommending that I take some time off to get my head back in the game," he said at the time in an announcement on Twitter. 

Carnage said the recent passing of two of friends due to mental issues was a wake-up call and said the much-needed break helped him create his latest single “Letting People Go.” 

“Having two of my friends pass away last year due to mental issues, I just couldn’t let that happen to me,” he told Hill.TV.

But Carnage remains hopeful that musicians will be able to open up and speak more open about their mental health issues, citing a subtle but growing change in attitude.

“We’re finally coming to a point where people are starting to notice that it’s okay to take breaks, that it’s OK to get some help,” he said.

“All we can do is raise awareness, spread to fellow musician, artists, entertainers,” he added.

—Tess Bonn