GOP strategist says breaking up Facebook would be a 'yeoman's task'

Republican strategist Mica Mosbacher on Friday predicted that it would be difficult to break up and regulate Facebook in the U.S. amid calls from its co-founder to break up the social media giant. 

"Breaking up is hard to do, so this is going to be a yeoman's task," Mosbacher told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton in an appearance on Hill.TV's "Rising." 

"But if you look at the U.K., they've already begun to crack down on regulations regarding Facebook, Google, as well as WhatsApp," she continued. 

"We could argue in this country that it's inhibiting free speech, but some of that followed the attacks in New Zealand," she said. "That video went viral so there are some aspects here where there is concern about hate speech or violent terrorist acts being replicated and going viral before Facebook has a chance to censor them." 

"Secondly, there is a project under Macron in France where they're actually stating that if they won't regulate themselves, that they will embed regulators," she said. 

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes published an op-ed in The New York Times on Thursday, arguing the company has grown too large and powerful. 

The company responded, saying it would be more productive for lawmakers to impose new rules on Facebook. 

Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have expressed bipartisan concern over the growing power of Facebook amid worries about how the company handles users' data and privacy. 

"I think that they do have a point, especially when you look at the fact that some of our data has been compromised," Mosbacher said. 

— Julia Manchester