Dem strategist says party must expand base in 2020

Democratic strategist Estuardo Rodriguez said on Friday that Democrats need to expand their base ahead of 2020 and avoid leaving some voter groups out.

"Democrats need to be able to find a candidate that can do that, that can push back on the idea that the base for the Democrats is only one specific category because the other pockets are no longer interested," Rodriguez, a principal at the Raben Group, told Hill.TV's Jamal Simmons on "What America's Thinking." "You have to find that base among Democrats."

Rodriguez noted how President Trump was able to expand the Republican base in 2016, through attracting blue collar, white voters, who had previously voted Democratic. 

"How many times we saw 'the demise of the Republican Party,' 'the demise of the white voter.' 'Are Republicans done forever?' " Rodriguez said. "That eulogy was being drafted over and over and over again, and then Donald Trump said no you're wrong, they're out there, they just don't like you."

- Julia Manchester