Democratic strategist: Trump-Pelosi feud 'eliminates impetus toward impeachment'

Democratic strategist Joe McLean said Friday that the feud between President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is taking the steam out of a push toward impeachment by some House Democrats.

"I think it actually eliminates a lot of the impetus toward impeachment," McLean, who led former President Obama's Senate campaign in 2004, told Hill.TV during an appearance on "Rising."

"In order to keep her people in line, she's provoked him and kind of made fun of him and shown that she can win," he said.

McLean added that the ongoing exchange shows that Pelosi's strategy toward the president is working.

"She's playing him like a cheap fiddle and it is so much fun to watch. And the beautiful thing is, she will never rise to his provocation," McLean said. "She treats him like a three-year-old who stamps his foot and hold his breath until he turns red."

Trump and Pelosi have been locked in a war of words the past few days.

The skirmish began on Wednesday and intensified the following day when Trump accused Democrats of pursuing "fake work" with their investigations into his administration, including probes related to special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report.

"When the Democrats in Congress refinish, for the 5th time, their Fake work on their very disappointing Mueller Report finding, they will have the time to get the REAL work of the people done," Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

Pelosi hit back hours later, saying Trump was "crying out" for impeachment and conducting a "cover up."

"There's no question: The White House is just crying out for impeachment," she told reporters on Thursday. "That's why he flipped yesterday, because he was just hoping."

-Tess Bonn