Former MSNBC host tears into network following Mueller testimony

Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball took aim at her former network following special counsel Robert Mueller’s marathon testimony on Wednesday.

“I dare to say some talent did drink more deeply of the Russia conspiracy waters than others, Rachel Maddow, you have some explaining to do,” said Ball, who now who hosts Hill.TV’s “Rising.” 

“This is not journalism, it is Infowars conspiracy theory,” she added, referencing the show hosted by right wing provocateur Alex Jones.

“CNN and many other outlets are clearly not blameless in this hype machine and the Democratic Party was plenty happy to engage in this speculation as well,” she continued. “Individual members clearly loved that sweet cable news spotlight but I single out my former employer, in particular, in part because they were certainly the worst mainstream offenders.”

MSBNC didn’t immediately respond to Hill.TV’s request for comment.

Mueller took the spotlight on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, delivering back-to-back testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. The former special counsel stuck primarily to the findings of his more than 400-page report on his investigation into Russian election interference and possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

While many Democrats publicly lauded Mueller’s testimony, some privately expressed disappointment in the brevity of his answers and the lack of a big moment that would have shifted the electorate’s sentiment on whether Trump was guilty of obstruction.

Political commentators on both sides of the aisle characterized the testimony as “painful” or a “disaster” for Democrats after Mueller appeared, at times, shaky or uncertain about his own report.

Trump, meanwhile, took a victory lap following Mueller’s hearings.

“The hearings were a disaster for Robert Mueller & the Democrats. Nevertheless, the Fake News Media will try to make the best out of it!,” Trump tweeted shortly after Mueller’s appearance on Capitol Hill.

Maddow, however, pushed back, saying that Mueller’s testimony was not a “great day” for conservative media or the White House.

“I know the Trump White House and conservative media are trying to, like, chin up tonight, make it seem like they had a great day today. They did not have a great day today.”

—Tess Bonn

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