Lewandowski predicts Trump will win by wider electoral margin in 2020

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski predicted Thursday that President Trump will win by a wider electoral margin next year compared to his 2016 victory.

“My prediction is Donald Trump will win by a larger electoral margin than he did in the 2016 election,” Lewandowski told Hill.TV.

He was also optimistic about Trump’s ability to win three states that he lost in 2016: New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Nevada. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won all three states by a slim margin.

Trump received 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 227, for a 77-vote margin of victory.

“I think he can win New Hampshire, which he didn’t win; I think Nevada is very competitive and the state has trended much more left recently, but that’s a very competitive state,” Lewandowski told Hill.TV. “If you look at New Mexico, we can put it in play.”

Lewandowski is mulling a Senate bid in New Hampshire against Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.).

He told Hill.TV he is “very close” to making a decision on whether to enter the race, adding that he is still assessing what has become a crowded Republican primary field.

Democrats have already launched a digital ad on Facebook targeting Lewandowski. The 45-second clip opens by labeling him as the “biggest swamp creature” in Washington.

Lewandowski responded by going after Shaheen.

“I’m being attacked by the NH D’s,” Lewandowski tweeted after the ad’s release. “It shows how weak @JeanneShaheen’s record is for the people of NH that they will say and do anything to help prop up a failed US Senator.”

⁠—Tess Bonn

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